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Amairo introduction

Amairo introduction


Amairo is a fertilizer for growing bigger and stronger fruit trees, fruit
vegetables and leaf vegetables. It also has the ability to separate excessive nutrients in soil from metal ions, and allowing them to absorb through roots. This results in cleaner soil, cleaner ground water, and decrease of soil’s EC (electrical conductivity) level.

Recently, excessive fertilizer application has become a huge concern: too much nitrogen is
accumulated in soil, causing the soil to be in a state of over-nutrition. Although nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth and development, too much will result in damages of roots and contamination of soil and ground water.

A strong and healthy root in well-conditioned soil is able to choose and absorb the
necessary nutrients at the necessary time. However, if the soil is in a state of overnutrition
(accumulated too much nutrients), roots will be damaged, overly absorbing unnecessary
nutrients and water, thus resulting in weakening of plants and crops. (More specifically, it will result in spindly growth, fruits and flowers will become difficult to bear, and become subject to diseases.)

Furthermore, the remaining nitrogen in soil can transform into soluble nitrate ion. This nitrate ion can dissolve with rain water, causing runoff, thus resulting in contamination of ground water.

Amairo may be the countermeasure.

Amairo has the following effects:

Twin Dragons Trading Joint Stock Company is the sole importer of this fertilizer and is currently carrying out procedures for the circulation of this fertilizer in Vietnam.
  1. Growing bigger and stronger fruit trees, fruit vegetables and leaf vegetables while
    cleaning soil and ground water.

Amairo’s main components are positive factors of vegetative growth, mainly consisting
of nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth and development. By
coating them with surface active agents, not only will trees and plants grow, it will enable
surface activation of excessively applied nutrients remaining in soil, making them
available to roots of plants.

By using Amairo, the remaining nutrients in soil will be efficiently used. Therefore,
conditions of excessive nutrients in the soil caused by over-fertilization and excessive
nitrogen will improve, which is a major cause of environmental pollution these days.

  1. Conversion of nitrate nitrogen into sugar (glucose).

Light is an essential component for photosynthesis. However, not all days are sunny. For
plants in condition of limited photosynthesis, the enzyme of Amairo will convert nitrate
nitrogen into sugar (glucose). Even if bad weather continues, Amairo will keep plants
strong and growing.

Amairo is perfect for growing bigger and stronger trees and plants, while taking measures
against soil and ground water contamination.

Application rate

Fruit trees (e.g. citrus, grape, pomegranate, pear, apple), tree nuts (e.g. almond, pistachio,
walnuts): dilute Amairo 500 times with water for irrigation, at once every two to four weeks
(one month).

Fruit vegetables (e.g. all berries, tomato, cucumber, paprika, melon), leaf vegetables (e.g.
lettuce, cabbage, asparagus, spinach, broccoli): dilute Amairo 500 times with water, and
spray on leaves once every two weeks OR dilute Amairo 1,000 times with water for irrigation, at once every two weeks.

Crops (e.g. corn, soy bean, wheat): dilute Amairo 500 to 1000 times with water for irrigation, at once every two to four weeks (one month).

Especially recommended for: when soil is contaminated, when plants are weakened from
producing fruits, during bad weather, or during vegetative growth.

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