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Twin Dragons JSC

Our vision

We can see and we do believe in the fact that both countries and people have the same destiny and will be side by side forever like the twin dragons


Starting from 26/03/2012, Twin Dragons Trading Joint Stock Company focused on introducing and promoting trade between Japanese and Vietnamese companies


Amairo is a long-awaited plant revitalizer from the Rikka series that mainly aims to improve the quality of plants. Amairo gives weakening plants the surprising power to recover and revitalize. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants in regaining vigor

T Plus

T Plus always pay special attention to two things: creation and effectiveness, which aim to bring the best quality products to customers. We are always ready to be the great partner with customers on the journey looking for products, excellent design services for their living space.

Hướng minh

We, at Tanseisha, can take advantage of our wealth of expertise, extensive network of professionals, and the ability to put all these elements together to produce a creative solution.

Huong Minh

A Japanese language training center in Vietnam with prestige, quality which help to improve Japanese language proficiency of employees, college and high school students.

We corporate Japanese partners.